The Design Appointment


ou’re exploring something new and amazing. The Ascent Park City residence ownership is something that very few people will attain and it’s so important you totally get what you’re looking at. Our goal at The Ascent is to make things amazing for you, to uplift every aspect of your life, your health and your relationships. So we’re going to make this easy for you.

Residence ownership at The Ascent is different from what you’re used to seeing when it comes to destination luxury properties. We believe in mindfulness. We believe in value. We believe in investment. And we believe that you, as a discerning, successful person will see the value in owning at The Ascent.

As an owner at The Ascent you’ll have access to your property whenever you want it. Scheduling is easy and staying is even easier. But when you’re not here, Hilton will make your residence available in the rental pool and it will be rented out for you. There are a lot of details about how that works and you can take a look at those over on the “documents” page of this site. And in your design appointment we’ll make sure all those details are crystal clear with you as well.

So what else happens in the design appointment?

Well, it’s important that we help you identify the best experience for you. So we’ll work through things like residence size, floor, location and views and accessibility. 

Each unit has a different view of mountains, valleys and property features like the pool or the golf course. You’ll want to identify how close you want to be to the rooftop lounge and yoga experience and how close you are to the spa, pool or restaurant. Some units have full laundry rooms and separate bedroom suites. Others have locking on-site storage. And nearly every unit has the option to expand and combine two or three units for larger families or gatherings.  Let us help you navigate the myriad of options so your residence fits your needs exactly. 

When it comes to selecting The Ascent Park City, we also want you to be the expert about why The Ascent’s Mindful Modern approach is right for you and your family. As you explore mountain properties in Park City or elsewhere you’ll discover how focused many properties are on consumerism or proximity to the busyness of events and retail shops. You might also find that other properties that claim ski-in/ski-out features have steep uphill climbs to access lifts or multiple lift trips to get to where you can actually hit the slopes. You may discover that other properties are so focused on profits that they forget to prioritize the environmental responsibility they should put first. In your design appointment we’ll help you become the expert in all of these things so you communicate to friends, family and co-workers how well The Ascent aligns with your values and priorities. 

You’ll want to know about the best times of year to be in Park City. We’ll help you with that. With world-class events like the Sundance Film Festival and World Cup ski and snowboard championships you’ll want to make sure you schedule appropriately. You may also want the latest details on Utah’s Winter Olympics bid and how that might impact your property and schedule. We’ll share everything we know about annual and one-time events so you can make the best decisions on your property.

And finally, in the design appointment we’ll walk you through how easy the reservation and purchase process can be. Most of our clients purchase residences with cash because of the compelling nature of The Ascent. But if cash isn’t an option for you, we’ll introduce you to preferred lenders. And, if you already have a realtor, we’ll work closely with them to ensure all their requirements and recommendations are met.

No matter what your goals are with residence ownership at The Ascent, we’ll help you understand your options and discover exactly what’s right for you. So book your no obligation design appointment here by clicking the link below.

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